Storyworlds across Media

Für alle die an den Themen: Narratologie, Medienkonvergenz, Crossmedialität, interactive Storytelling und Transmedialität usw. interessiert sind, könnte die Tagung Storyworlds across Media ein guter Tip sein.  Hier ein Auszug aus der Tagungswebsite

“Even though narratology was conceived as a transmedial endeavour from its very beginnings in Russian formalism and French structuralism, most of its more influential models have been – and continue to be – developed in the context of literary criticism and film studies. In contemporary media culture, however, the creation of storyworlds is not limited to literature and traditional feature films. Rather, emerging forms of multimodal and interactive narration, experiments with the distinction between fictional and nonfictional narrative, various forms of intermedial adaptation, and attempts at ‘transmedia storytelling’ create new ways of presenting narrative content, thereby calling attention to the affordances and limitations of different narrative media as well as to their potential for cooperation.”

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